Love notes never go out of style and carry more weight now than ever before. Maggie shared the letter below with us and we felt it was a moment of intimacy worth passing on – let it inspire you, too.

My darling,

I can’t remember the last time I sat down in the quiet space of my heart, reclining on a blanket of grass in the company of birds, to write words of love to you.  I know it has been too long.

I can remember the first love letter I wrote to you; it started like this, “Dear, the man of my dreams.” You see, I hadn’t even met you yet, but I decided to write to you anyway. I wanted to thank you for being you and to thank God for bringing us together. I just knew he would bring me a genuine man and he did.

I wrote about how I knew you would not be a wealthy man with riches to woo me because I would be blind to the bling and drawn to the riches of your heart – I knew you would work hard and I understood my need for the pureness of a simple man over the complicated matters of pride and the empty desires of material success.

I prayed for you before I knew you.

I wrote that first letter while I nestled in the shade of a foreign college campus, watching couples hand in hand and wondering what my future would look like. I gave you that letter as you boarded a plane.

I must say…eight children and the Montana landscape of beauty, water, mountains, rivers and meadows was not necessarily what I had in mind. It feels like it has taken me years – even though I longed for it – to understand the trust and intimacy of marriage. I used to think trust was a blindfold and intimacy was lace. But what I have discovered through our journey of love is that trust is intimacy – knowing the heart of another. I also know now that it takes time for that kind of love to take root. It can be uncomfortable at times, but it is always worth it.

Love surprises and has a rhythm of it’s own. Similar to a river, we have flowed; we have tumbled over boulders; we have fallen over steep edges and surged easily over pebbles. Our love has stilled and slowed. It has been bitten with frost, then thawed and flowed once again. Our love carried life, washed away pains, etched new paths. With gentle persistence, the river of our love has even forged new paths as life around the current submitted to its power.

I love you for being steadfast, bonded, and strong. I thank God for making us less like rock and more like clay as the years have come and gone.

I love you, my husband, because no one but God could shape your precious heart, combine it with your vigor for life, and add those eyes, always seeing the good. I am glad they were open to see me.

Love, Maggie