We empower the woman behind the mother with messages that speak to her soul, self-worth and innate value.


We recognize each woman’s need to care for her mind, body, and soul as integral to her joy and happiness in motherhood.


We celebrate motherhood as a beginning, an exploration of a woman’s unique gift to the world. We believe that when a woman gives herself confidently to motherhood without extinguishing her womanhood, the gift of a family will amplify – not detract from – that woman’s identity.

We understand that while there’s a lot more to being a woman than being a mother, there’s much more to being a mother than many people realize. The woman-mother is powerful. Nurturing her will benefit the world for generations to come.


We are moms supporting moms. We acknowledge that there is no one “right” approach to mothering or self-care. We provide a non-judgmental forum where mothers can come together for advice and encouragement. We challenge women to elevate their thoughts and to make the choice to live a better, more abundant life.

Join us.