Motherhood is getting a makeover.

Happiest Mommy is a project built by moms for women who believe there’s more to motherhood than house chores and feeding schedules. We are celebrating the womanhood of every mother and helping that woman (you!) step into this new identity with courage and confidence.

This is where you’ll find your tribe; our diverse online community allows women like you to connect and learn from each other in a safe, judgement-free environment that cultivates respect, empathy and encouragement. We are a new generation of mothers, embracing modern motherhood.

You’ll find in our messaging both soulful inspiration and practical advice leading you to the balance and fulfillment you crave (and need). With love notes, self-care tips and useful resources, our goal is to help you recapture your mama glow. Happiest Mommy challenges you – right here, right now – to begin building a lifestyle you love WITH your family (not in spite of your family).

We are your spark of inspiration, a soothing balm for your wounds, and a glass of wine when all hell breaks loose.

Life isn’t over, sister – it has only just begun. Happiest Mommy is a fresh response to the old adage, ‘If mama aint happy, aint nobody happy.’ We help you take better care of you so you can take better care of your family, it’s our CORE. Cheers, Mama – we’re in this together.